Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, nothing! Everything will be provided for you upon arrival!

Absolutely! If you like the project you picked from the gallery then you’ll love the workshop! Our team of instructors will guide you through the project and help you pair stain colors with the best paint color. No experience is needed to put your project together. Plus you and your friends will enjoy complimentary wine and snack bar while you’re here!

Most of our projects are customizable. Therefore, we are not able to accept walk-ins.

We need time to prepare your project before your workshop.

Ahh the age old question, what should I wear? Don’t dress to impress during your workshop! You may get messy! We’d hate to see you leave with stain or paint on an expensive pair of  Shoes!

We can always look for a day and time that will guarantee you have the entire studio to yourself.  However, If you are wanting to book a party during a busy or popular day or time you may not have the studio to yourself but we will reserve your party’s seats for you.

We do offer kids and teens classes! However, during normal adult workshops children under the age of 16 are not permitted. This is for their safety due to the tools used during the workshops.