Injury Waiver

I understand that during a workshop at Stain & Stencil the use of raw wood, sandpaper, hammers/mallets, drills, paint, and wood stain is necessary. I understand there will be a saw dust in the air from sanding that may be a concern for someone with asthma and other breathing issues.

I understand I am at certain risks for injury during a workshop at Stain & Stencil. I assume full responsibility for any personal injury to myself that may occur during a workshop at Stain & Stencil. I understand that I am asked to contact Stain & Stencil prior to my workshop if I have a medical condition that puts me at an increased risk of experiencing injuries or breathing problems during my workshop. To minimize my risk of injury, I agree to follow all of Stain & Stencil’s instructions and directions during the workshop.

In the event that I am injured during a workshop at Stain & Stencil I hereby release Stain & Stencil as well as Washington Square Shopping Center of any loss or damage that may arise from said injury.